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Leer Correo .


We carry out the following sequence:

  • Explorations
  • Geology
  • Planning
  • Drill and blast
  • Stacking
  • Haulage
  • Ore leaching
  • Adsorption
  • Desorption
  • Smelting

The main part of our operations is the gold and silver extraction, beginning with the ore leaching from the PADs. Once stored therein, the ore extracted from the pits is conditioned with the necessary lime to reach a PH suitable for the best recovery of the metals. The leaching process is carried out with a cyanide and alkaline solution which catches the metals when percolating through the pad.

The solution runs through pipes which are set at the bottom of the Pad, over protective geomembrane, being conveyed to the pond of rich solution (pregnant). From here, it is pumped into the plant where beds of activated carbon are located, collecting the gold and silver contained in the solution. Thus, it is conveyed to another pond of poor solution (Barren), which is empowered and pumped again towards the Pads to begin a new leaching stage. As observed, all this process completes a closed circuit, which does not emanate any solution into de environment.

After the beds of activated carbon are loaded with gold and silver, the carbons from those beds are sent by pressure to the desorption plant, wherein a cement containing those metals is obtained. Then, this cement will be sent to the smelting furnace at 1100° C. As a result of all this process we obtain the dore bars containing gold and silver.

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