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One of the factors of a company's success is determined by the solutions in information technology that supports your business.

Therefore, the area of Systems and Communications is charged with providing the best solutions that support the processes of the operational and administrative areas.

The technologies that help us meet our objectives are:

  • Satellite interconnection between the headquarters of Lima and Mina.
  • Optical fiber networks, structured cabling and wireless access points are combined based on the needs of bandwidth and interconnection between all areas of our company.
  • VoIP-based telephone networks
  • Based video cameras remotely Lima
  • videoconferencing
  • Using BPMN standards with
  • VPN for secure communications
  • Reports for management decision making (BI)
  • Server Virtualization
  • Firewall, Antivirus consoles, etc..

We also have five radio repeaters that support radio communications operations in the five pits that owns the mining unit and a self-supporting antenna that supports communications using the cellular system mobile private network.

Our main data center in Lima offers a robust and secure infrastructure, especially in redundancy, backup power, and safety needs and information resources of our business critical applications to meet the demands of production processes.

New projects in Information Technology in 2012 aimed primarily at:

  • Consolidation of servers.
  • Virtualization personal computers.
  • Implementing a LIMS.
  • New Operating System.
  • Technological renewal of equipment.
  • Intranet, the main projects.
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